This summer of comebacks

The Cure, The Police, Spice Girls, Die Hard, X JAPAN (!) and of course ROCKY (which I think started the whole comeback trend. Oh god, theirs fans must be very happy. If I can choose a few disbanded bands to do a summer comeback I would choose MALICE MIZER! (the most elaborate visual kei band EVER!) But alas they went out like *poof* not with a bang. Every band deserves a grand exit! Like that of X JAPAN, or LUNA SEA.

Anyway, I’ve been disappointed by a lot of jrock artist/bands lately like Gackt! (I can’t even begin to describe how much I am disappointed by Gackt) or Dir en grey (a.k.a Japanese New American Heavy Metal Wannabes). I don’t think there are anymore visual kei acts that interest me these days. The jpop scene is more colorful and interesting these days.

Anyways I was on a ceremonial event yesterday. The president was there, too. Top that! But it is as interesting as a plate of edamame (I might eat some but whether it exists or not I don’t really care – and I care more about a couple of salmon nigiri sushi). Speaking of sushi, the last two days I’ve been eating sushi XD good healthy sushi! In fact yesterday, Atre treated us (me and shakina to a plate full of sushi) Sushi. Good. Me love sushi.

Pics from yesterday?

On the side of the track.

Children on the side of the track.

Specially reserved train.

Me, Tita.


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