Bored. Nothing to do but eat XD

Transformers again!? YEP! I’ve seen it again for the second time with Atre, Greggy, Grace and Richie at Plaza Semanggi yesterday. It was still RIDICULOUSLY AWESOME! Anyway, I’m bored. Like seriously bored. I want to eat sushi. I think sushi is sort of my comfort food. Whenever I am “galau” (meaning: hubbub, confusion but I use it to describe almost everything) I always want sushi. Lately, it’s like this: I AM happy but there are somethings missing. I don’t know maybe I’m just lacking sugar in my system.

Finally FOOD!!! I can’t tell you how happy I am to finally have lunch! Well, anyways, pictures from yesterday and pictures of my desk at office.

The afternoon rush.

Running on the bridge.

Is this tree actually living?

Grace, Atre, Greggy.

Greggy, Grace, Me.

My desk.

Very unorganized.


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