Nothing interesting today

Last friday I’m hosting this jrock “acoustic” event called eLcoustic Night. Why do I say “acoustic”? Because I think the show was semi-acoustic. Anyway, it think it was a good event. I haven’t been to events since a long time.

Let see, today there are nothing interesting. Umm.. Atre, Greggy and Grace came to have lunch in the office today, later we are gonna see Transformers. I know I’m such a geek. But I can’t resist. Lately I really love Feist! She sounds great. I love Inside and Out very much! which is a cover of Bee Gees’ Love You Inside and Out. What else… umm… some pictures over the weekend? Go right ahead…

Insun, Atre, Me

Insun, Tyo, Me

Soujiro, Tyo, Me, Kyo

Me, Rave, Anda, Ruffie

Leo, Me

Irwan, Me

My new weird orange nail polish.

There’s really nothing going on… but things are going through my head.


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