Pimp My Optimus!

I just watched Transformers with my brother yesterday at Plaza Indonesia eX. Now we are one of the countries that have the courtesy to see it before the movie opens in the US on July 4th. Well I guess it’ll be a great independence day movie only because some of the qualities of this movie reminds me of “Independence Day”.

Anyway, this movie is a very unexpected hit for me. As a kid I used to watch Transformers even though I wasn’t a big fan like my brother who had action figures (simply read, toys) of Optimus Prime. Sure, I used to play with it to because the toy was so cool. But, that was a long time ago I had forgotten almost everything about what was it all about.

When I first saw the trailer on TV a few while back, I didn’t have any interest to see the movie because I thought the movie will be about some robots beating the crap out of each other. Why did I see it then? Shia LaBeouf was on The Tonight Show the other day talking about the movie. It seemed pretty interesting and I think LaBeouf is a potential actor. I like him as Louis on Even Stevens and on The Greatest Game Ever Played, so I said why not.

I walked in the theaters with no big expectation. I was there to see a flick. But! The first scenes of it was enough to make me turn to my brother and give him the THIS-MOVIE-IS-AWASOME! look.

The were no boring moments. Everything is closely knitted (especially the script!). At first I was really wondering why bother with human characters? And I thought the actors would not play an important part in this movie. But I was wrong. Every character, humans or robots really wow-ed me. CGI was top of the line very smooth and you can see stuff reflected on the CGI-ed Optimus Prime. The robots’ fighting scenes were out of this world! Real nice! The acting was great! Shia LaBeouf is a very promising actor. It is save to say that we can expect many things from him.

Micheal Bay did a very good job of making this old school cartoon and a set of childhood toys (that anyone hardly remembers) in to a full-packed action adventure summer blockbuster! Really for a girl that is not too in to CGI, cars, and robots (and of course robots that turns into cars and that turns into robots) it’s not everyday that I almost cry seeing a robot being frozen.

I came to the movies expecting to see just a remake of a kid’s cartoon, and I came out of the movies like a kid who had just watched the COOLEST MOVIE THERE IS! See it, you won’t regret it!

Cleaning Jakarta one street at a time.

They fix advertisements.

Building yet a new skyscraper.

Footsteps in malls…

…and when waiting for the bus.

Comfortable enough for you?

Passing through traffic.

Fast lane at night.

Jakarta’s orange sun.

Toys for sale.

Welcome to our beehive.

Without a care in the world.

Just passing by.


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