rain. makes. big. flood

at least that is what the whole Jakarta is afraid of. This morning it was raining and until now, 8.21 it is still raining. (I got wet! The taxi I rode broke down so I had to switch taxis in that big rain.) The three-in-one policy is erased just for today or any count of rain, the water levels on most reservoirs has risen up. So I guess most Jakartans have a reason to be worried. The last flood in Jakarta was a big one. I wasn’t able to go to my university and take my finals because (they say) the flood reached up to my thigh. Many people lost their homes. For the luckier and the wealthier ones (like the family that I came across in a hypermarket in Cibubur) can just escape to their homes in higher grounds namely, Bogor and it’s surrounding area. So yeah, it’s lame since this year Jakarta’s celebrating its 480th birthday. Here are some photos of Jakarta in its 480th year standing. May it stand, may it stand strong against everything (we need it to, because I think the flood is coming)

The Art Exhibition by Iriantine Karnaya

Woman sleeping in a crowded Transjakarta bus.

Almost sunset in Jakarta

The grandeur

With her child

The trendy hang-out

A family affair on the streets

Me, in the middle of it all.


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