Mushroom Exhibition

Yesterday, I got off from office early at 3 pm. My boss told me that I need the rest. Yes, I am still a little bit sick (д). But I had plans on meeting Atre that day. But because he couldn’t come until 4, I decided to go to Plaza Indonesia by myself. But when I walk down the street, I saw this chain of mushroom balloons, so it made sense to see this art exhibition that I wanted to see for a long time before it closes. It was the exhibition of Iriantine Karyana. It has mushrooms everywhere it was really cute. I enjoyed it a lot. I love art exhibitions that have a lot of spunk.

After that I decided to goof around with my camera. I took snapshots of everything (will post here)! I waited for Atre in Aksara after I went to Kinokuniya to check if the already have CD Deta June. I found Dita von Teese’s photobook that cost… a whole lot of money. I like Dita von Teese, she’s classy. After Atre came we headed to Pizza Hut and talk about the Lammie project.

After that it had to be interrupted by me wanting to go to Plaza Senayan to buy ray 15th anniversary expanded edition. We took the bus to Plaza Senayan. But! It turns out that the CD in Plaza Senayan is damaged. There’s this big cutter slit on the plastic cover( ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄) ブスー. So, I decided that we should cross the street to Senayan City to get the same CD that I saw a few days before. After that we talked about Lammie again.

When I got home, I plugged in my laptop and view the pictures that I took today. I was good. I like them a lot! AND I also played the DVD of ray. Somehow I skipped the recollection parts because I really have a vague idea of what they are talking about. At first I thought that the recollection parts where recollection from the members. It turns out it was the recollections from Hajime Okano and other people behind the curtain. I AM VERY PLEASED with the ray DVD than ark DVD. I love the last part where they celebrate the closing of Grand Cross Conclusion backstage with all of the fire works. I can’t really describe why, but it kicked up a notch to my already great day. ワーイ。(⌒∇⌒)(⌒∇⌒)。ワーイ

Andrew, (Д´)FUCK YOU!!!


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