Once, Twice, Three Times An Ogre.

I watched Shrek the Third yesterday with my brother and my mom after work at Senayan City. Unlike the last time I had seen Pirates 3, this time the theater was almost empty, which is nice because there wouldn’t be someone to throw unnecessary comments. So, anyway… Shrek 3… it was nice but it wasn’t as memorable like the 2 previous ones.

It just seemed pointless to me. The king is dead, Shrek’s the next in line, Shrek doesn’t want to be king, so he picks up Justin… I mean… Arthur, before he goes Fiona said that she’s pregnant, but while he’s gone Prince Charming is taking over the kingdom… blablabla. There are loads of new character so they failed to manage to focus on the important characters. The thing is I enjoyed it, it was funny but it could be funnier. I like it but it was to blah for me. So, I’m guessing there won’t be a Shrek 4 after this.


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