sick, phone, pretty, and really???

My throat still hurts X( ITAIIII~~~ I try hot tea, it kinda helps… a little. After a few while it hurts again. I’m guessing it’s because of the weather… or the fact that I used up all of my energy. Anyway later today there will be a retirement party at Senayan for Mr. Harry Semedi. It’s nice to be invited knowing that the retired person is a very nice guy. But that kinda ruin my plan of catching a movie with Atre and Greggy. I was planning to have lunch with Atre at the office but he can’t go. BOO! Anyway, Ting called last night. I can barely speak cause my throat was killing me. But we spoke for more than an hour.

UPDATE: The party ended at 8 o’clock. And I was dropped-off at Plaza Semanggi by my boss. I finally meet Atre+Greggy! I was sick by then though. I couldn’t SPEAK! I have this bad fever and I was really woozy. Those two really took care of me and I was dropped off my Greggy’s mom to my uncle’s house is Kebalen. What a nice lady! Then I waited for my family to take me to Bogor. I was really sick.

Anyway, there’s this new phone that I’ve been wanting to buy. But it’s pretty expensive for me but I think I can save up. I’m not the type of person who obsessed things like phone’s and gadgets. I like them but I don’t have any real desires to buy them. I’m more of an internet addict than a gadget freak (but above anything else I’m a L’Arc otaku).

I found this picture of indies L’Arc. After being a fan for 9 years it still amazes me how can this man be this BEAUTIFUL!!!

In other notes: STUPID! STUPID! He’s a virgo!? REALLY? Now here’s a side of me that you probably don’t know: I like tennis. I don’t really play tennis but I enjoy watching it. Sometimes with my oma. My favorite tennis player is Andy Roddick, while hers is Roger Federer. No need to mention that her boy Roger beat Andy 13-1. Goddamn you Roger! Anyway, this whole time I was only being a seasonal Roddick fan. But alas, my curiousity got the best of me and I looked him up on the internet (the marvel that is the WWW). Then I found out that he’s a virgo. Gee! What are the chances XD


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