what will happen next? Unagi Pie?

I went through the whole first season of heroes yesterday. A HEROES marathon! I stayed up until 01.00 even though I have work the next day. But I have to finish it out of A: curiousity and B. I will not have time to finish it until I come back from Surabaya. I went home early after I eat a very good nasi goreng (fried rice) at a street vendor. And bought snacks and a can of soft drink to accompany me while watching.

I like watching heroes. You don’t see a lot of series like that. Volume one ends (no spoilers here… yet) and volume two will start with Hiro in Japan 1671 he jumped back in time. See what I don’t get will there be another set of cast? Because (spoilers for anyone who haven’t see it) Isaac Mendez dies, Peter and Nathan Petrelli dies (? – well Peter went kaboom and Nathan saves New York by flying with him to the skies). The characters really left an impression on me. I would kinda miss them if they were to be replaced. I like Peter! Will he come back? But my favorite character is most definitely Hiro Nakamura. Coz he’s such an otaku. I dunno, I just like characters like Hiro Nakamura or Train Man (the movie). B-Otoko hehe. Click here to find out what it is. I go to her blog every single day. It’s really interesting.

Anyway today my boss got a visit from a colleague from Japan. He brought omiyage (souvenirs). Oh goodie! My boss gave four of them to me. When I read the hiragana I was like. “HEH? Unagi Pai (Eel Pie)??”. So I thought to myself, “Umm maybe because it looks like an unagi. There’s no way that this thing is unagi flavored, it has sugar all over it like genji pie. Only this pie is not in the shape of a heart but of an unagi”. Evidently I was right. It was sweet, sweeter and a bit harder than genji pie. So I decided to look it up at the internet. And guess what I found out. It’s really made from UNAGI! Really! “To satisfy your sweet tooth, try Unagi Pie, cookies made with fresh butter with crushed eel bones, eel extract, or garlic mixed in. It’s the most popular souvenir from Hamamatsu.” From the description alone I would thought that I would be savoury but it’s really sweet and I like it. Well knowing it was made from unagi and being really sweet kinda throws me off but I like Unagi Pie.

Before my boss also got visits from his colleague. The first time he got the original kind of Tokyo Banana. I like Tokyo Banana! It’s sweet but not to sweet. I love it. And the other day somebody just got him a big bag of Lotte Pie-no Mi. It was good but it was like softer genji pie with chocolate filling, so kinda regular to me. I was also given a bag of Meiji chocolote. It has 3 varieties: Black, Milk and Hi-Milk. Anyway here’s a page to buy more Japanese snacks that I mentioned.


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