Sushi and Friends

I had fun yesterday. I meet friends that I haven’t met since the first time we met 2 years ago. So yeah, we’ve only seen each other one time before. They are Kim and Linh, (twins). I met them at Kidz Station, Plaza Senayan when they were nine. They’re such fun and cool kids. After that we keep in contact through IM. Because I use IM pretty often recently, I ask them to have sushi together at Sushi Tei, Senayan City. I was late for about 15 minutes. Jakarta’s traffic is overkill really. So, we finally met again after 2 years. They came with their mom (who is also a fun gal), and we ate sushi after that ice cream at the Dairy Queen! I did fortune telling with my Tarot. But we didn’t have the time to go to a photo booth. So maybe next time. I had fun. It just goes to show that friends are everywhere.

Sushi is one of my favorite foods in the whole entire universe (hyperbolic and being a kid about this. But what’s wrong with being a kid?). My Favorite kind of sushi is shake nigiri (salmon), I like ikura as well and tobikko. Once I tried ordering wasabi ebikko. It was so green from the wasabi you had to close your eyes if you don’t wanna go blind. It KILLS YOU!!! Eating that much wasabi you can feel a rush starting from your mouth, nose, and forehead, top of your head then to the back of your head. But I like it. It’s kinda addictive. Here’s a link if you wanna know more about sushi.

Sushi is kinda expensive in Indonesia. They have a lot of “nationalized” chain sushi places here in Indo. I usually eat there because it’s cheaper, like Sushi Tei, Ichiban and Daisho. But they fade in comparison to the REAL Japanese sushi restaurants in the office buildings or around Blok M. But these Japanese places have steep prices especially on dinner time. I went to this restaurant called Sarai at Plaza BII bulding during lunch time. The sushi package lunch is around Rp. 60.000 (US$7) it had like 16 pieces (6 of them were hosomaki though) with one chawan mushi (steamed egg) and miso. It was a really good deal and made me really full! I found this article. I wish they had something like this in Jakarta. If the record is still under 20 I might join. It kinda disappoints me that not one of the restaurants I mentioned above have a website.

Most people in Indo don’t really like sushi. Maybe most of them can’t get around the fact that it’s raw fish because in Indo we cook our fish and the most common way is too fry it. Personally, I don’t like fried fish. I always eat downstairs if today’s free lunch contains fried fish. I think is because my cousin swallowed a fish bone right beside me when we were little. But that’s just me I guess. Well, most of my friends like sushi but my friends in back high school do not.

Speaking of sushi, I was oogaly-googling for sushi, before there were this sushi usb and I came upon other weird stuff like this shower curtain or this pillow. I have this wind up toy, I have the ebi one. Check out the site to find more things. I think ebi ones are nice because you can really tell what it is. Like the salmon pillow I don’t think you can tell it’s really salmon if you take it apart.

I also find this cute bead at jujubeads. McPhee also has some weird sushi stuff. The rug is nice but I wouldn’t know where to put it. It doesn’t have much use but this is cute, I prefer the sushi regular though, the tray is not so bulky. I never think of sushi boards being really expensive.

Speaking of weird stuff I found this site. They have weird stuff like this sushi wrap () and THIS. I don’t think you can have this in Indonesia. Drinking right out of the tap is never recommended. THIS () is weird! I wouldn’t want this hanging from the side my laptop! But everything else in the site is pretty neat.

On another note, next week I have to go to Surabaya, Madiun and Semarang for a business trip (is it me or do these messages looks cheap?). My first business trip. At first I thought it’s gonna be fun… that was before I looked at the schedule. It was packed! I have to go there by train with my boss (17.00). The journey will take 12 hours. So I guess I’ll be sleeping on a train. And the next morning (5.30!) I just have time to take a shower and breakfast. The whole day will be spent at a train workshop until 16.00. Then I could be free. I just hope that I could have fun there after hours and look for some oleh-oleh.

The trip will last 5 days. Pretty tiring. I will get back to Jakarta on Friday at 9.00. I just hope that my boss would give me the whole day of so I could spend it with my friends.

The irony is that this week, my friends, Rizka and Atre have gone away for their field trip. Rizka went to Surabaya (that’s where I’m heading next week) and Atre went to Bali. Then after that I have to go. So we will not see each other for 2 weeks, roughly.


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