(= it looks painful)! Oh crap! I just read the translation of HYDE’s post in the HYDEIST BBS on the ARK BBS. And I can’t stop shivering. brrrrrr…

A few while back HYDE promised SID to pierced his nipples. Needless to say, it was a joke. A joke. But HYDE being HYDE, he was serious about it >_< and he went on and did it.

Reading him detailing about the self-mutilation procedure was kinda enough to make me shiver. Crap HYDE! Why did you have to do that… to both of your nipples!!! Stupid cow! *still shivering*

I never liked piercings. Sure, I think they’re cool on some people like miyavi and… yeah miyavi!!! Unless you’re miyavi you should refrain from piercing irregular parts of your body (you know, other than ear or maybe nose). On hyde, I liked when he had ear-piercings back in the indies period and the belly button ring, I can tolerate but nippleS? BOTH NIPPLES? what are you a cow? J (ex-bassist of LUNA SEA) has a nipple piercing, (as far as I’m concerned) if someone like him can’t pull it off, what chance does hyde have? I can’t wait to see it though. I don’t think it’ll look good on him. But I might change my mind after I get rid of this shiver and when I see THEM.

Oh crap. It was said on Wikipedia that “Approximate primary healing time for male nipples: 2 – 4 months”. HYDE -____-“



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