Getting Obsessive Compulsive on Food?

I have this particulars when it comes to food and when I tried explaining them to Atre and Pipit yesterday, I figured that I have a lot of particularities when it comes to eating food and here they are.

1. I don’t like hot (as in temperature) food. It has to be room temperature. It’s okay it the food is cold, like it has just being taken out of the fridge. I’ll eat it as is.

2. I don’t eat things that look like it’s former form like whole fish. Chicken is okay but I prefer boneless chicken.

3. I don’t really like chicken. I find it to be really plain. I eat chicken, but I won’t go out of my way looking for it.

4. Chicken is better when specially cooked then just plain. I don’t really eat chicken so when I do I want it specially cooked. I like charsiew chicken and sweet and sour chicken.

5. I don’t eat fried fish. Maybe, I was traumatized because my cousin had a big ol’ fish bone stuck in her throat. Maybe I just didn’t know how to eat it. Who knows? I eat sushi and sashimi.

6. I spoon out the right amount of everything in the plate. Like if in a meal there are rice, meat, veggies and eggs. I will calculate everything so I can still have each and every bits of one item on 1 bite.

7. I can’t eat food with different textures in one go, like porridge and kerupuk, I would eat them separately.

8. I don’t really like soupy foods. It’s just like chicken, I eat it but I don’t go looking for it.

9. In the case of eating a cake with a cherry or strawberry on top. I would finish the cake then the cherry.

So there.


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