missing my old self

I was looking through my old site to save entries before I really discard everything before actually close it then I started to miss my old self. I wrote that site back in high school when I was only seventeen. GOSH! So yeah, it’ll be the end of something good.

This week it seems that people I know are going out of town. Ting is going to Surabaya for her play, Atre, Mira, Ella, Dimas, Bona are going to Bali for their school’s field trip, heck even my boss went to Bandung early this morning. I wanna go out of town too! I wanna take a break.

Things are kinda messed up lately. But at least L’Arc is putting up their gears in motion. That’s something to smile about. I just hope I could get June’s edition of PATi2 and CDDETA.


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