something to rely on.

I just go this flash of epiphany/flash while working on a tight deadline. My Spotify was shuffling and it played a song by Keane, which I had little interest when I was younger. But I remembered that one of my cousins used to play that song all the time and I kept thinking that those are simpler times. Look at me, talking like an old bitter fool but I think it has been more that 12 years since that day and I’m craving something that I no longer can have or go back to. I didn’t understand when I was younger, why my parents, especially my dad had a hard time liking newer songs. I think it’s more of the sense of nostalgia a certain song carries than the musicality of the song itself. It’s really in itself something that people can rely on. In an ever-changing world where you can’t really hold on to something these songs are would still be the same; the melodies, the memories and the feelings behind them.

My schedule has been pretty tough lately. I’ve been trying to juggle many things at once and try to keep everything balanced as humanly possible. But all this multitasking with this ADD I have have proven that you’re gonna fall of balance sooner or later.

I have until the end of the month to really prove to myself that I can do this. It will be a massive hurdle and I know that the odds are against me but this is do or die, sink or swim. Tomorrow is another day to stand up and fight. Let’s fucking do this! #goodnight #youbettawerk

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